Reviewing the Laws

About Us

The Canadian Association of Muslim Women in Law (CAMWL) was founded in the summer of 2013 by a small group of people who were connected by their identification as Muslim women and their practice and/or study of the law. We came together to create a space where we could collectively work on legal issues involving justice, equity, and diversity.

CAMWL’s mandate is twofold:

  1. to advance the legal rights and interests of Muslim women and other marginalized and equity-seeking groups in Canada, including through education and direct advocacy; and

  2. to promote mentorship and camaraderie among Muslim women engaged in the practice or study of the law.

As a result, our diverse membership is united by a holistic commitment to social justice.

Our work is rooted in a recognition of the specificity and the intersectionality of the issues faced by Muslim women. We are committed to exploring innovative and multi-pronged strategies to achieving impactful legal advocacy. We aim to connect our insights and experiences with those of other marginalized and equity-seeking groups in Canada and to advocate for, and in the interests of, all marginalized communities. 


Steering Committee Members
2022 to 2023


Safiyah Husein


Fatema Dada

Nazia Shaikh